Metal Detecting Gear simplified

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Metal detecting rig blog

When I really dove into this hobby in 2011, I was really disorganized and had a lot of gear which made it difficult to focus in on really just getting the most out of a Detecting outing (day at the beach) or weekend at the lake, etc. I will begin with a few ideas that I have implemented and sometimes put into practice. When I say sometimes, I am talking about the fact that I can really boil things down to a more manageable trip. Basically – keep things simple. before heading down to the beach to go detecting for gold or whatever else I want to find, here is what I have done:

I had a custom rack welded for the back of my truck. This makes it easier to hang my detectors, Sand scoops, etc. on once I get to the beach. I have also installed a 52in LED Light bar on drivers side of rack so I park my truck so the 52in light bar faces toward the water. Also installed smaller 22in light bars facing toward back and on the passenger side. I will talk a little later about how i installed the power supply and rocker switch panel a little bit later. Basically I use a deep cycle 12V battery that I put in the bed of the truck and use a generator with a battery charger/maintainer to charge the 12v Deep Cycle Battery