Metal detecting rig for Truck

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If your looking to get a nice setup for your vehicle for treasure hunting then I hope this post helps inspire you. I had a custom welded rack made for the back of my truck. I put 52in LED Light bar on one side, then put a 22in LED Light bar facing toward back & the other side. I also installed a small square LED Flood light Pod on the back of the rack facing down so when I go detecting at night – I can light up the beach. I will discuss how I wired them up To power them in the next post. I would not run the LED light bars off the trucks main battery. I got a Deep Cycle Marine battery. Then, I use a Honda EU 1000 inverter generator Or whatever it’s called. Then, I got a battery charger/maintainer from Harbor Freight ( will post exact models and pics in the next post). I also got a 6 gang rocker switch that I am mounting into a pelican like case where I keep all the LED light bar power cables. This way it’s all portable and I can use all the power supplies on my boat. Saves time and money and keeps things organized.

metal detecting rig for truck

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